Calcium (Ca), is an important macromineral which we need quite a bit of. It supports muscle function, transmits nerve impulses, helps cells to communicate and is involved in the release of certain hormones.
Most of the calcium is stored in our bones and teeth, where it’s used for structural purposes. We get calcium mostly from yogurt, whey protein supplements, milk, cottage cheese and dark leafy greens and if you eat those regularly you most likely don’t need to supplement it.
One problem is, however, that it’s difficult to detect a calcium deficiency because in the short term, our bodies will simply use the calcium stored in our bones to maintain normal blood calcium levels. Over time then your bone density will suffer and you will feel the consequences
In general Vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance are at the greatest risk for calcium deficiency because they don’t consume enough or no dairy products. Here is a list of both normal and vegan foods that are high in calcium:
Good Calcium Sources
Sardines (canned) — 1 cup: 569 milligrams (57% RDI)
Yogurt or Kefir — 1 cup: 488 milligrams (49% RDI)
Whey Protein — 1 cup: 300 milligrams (30% RDI)
Cheese — 1 ounce: 202 milligrams (20% RDI)
Vegan-Friendly Calcium Sources
Kale (raw) — 1 cup: 90.5 milligrams (9% RDI)
Okra (raw) — 1 cup: 81 milligrams (8% RDI)
Bok Choy — 1 cup: 74 milligrams (7% RDI)
Almonds — 1 ounce: 73.9 milligrams (7% RDI)
Broccoli (raw) — 1 cup: 42.8 milligrams (4% RDI)
Watercress — 1 cup: 41 milligrams (4% RDI)

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