Hi, I’m Felix Harder and welcome to NutritionAndFitness.net. Here’s a little bit about me:
I’m a 26-year-old fitness and diet coach and Amazon best-selling author. I initially started this blog out of frustration over all the bad advice found on the internet when it comes to dieting, workouts and fitness in general. It seems like every “fitness guru” is teaching something different and I don’t blame beginners for getting confused by all the contradictory information out there. 
So a few years ago I launched this blog and started writing about principles and strategies that are scientifically proven to work and not just marketing hype. You can summarize my approach to fitness like this:
1. Most fitness gurus will try to sell you overly complicated workout and diet plans that don’t work. 
2. Losing fat, building muscle and eating healthy can be very simple and straight-forward if you know what you are doing. 
Along the way, I also published several books and created a series of best-seller video courses with almost 6000 students. 
The purpose of NutritionAndFitness.net is to be a source of straight-forward and science-backed advice for those wanting to lose weight, build muscle and learn about healthy eating.

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