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Hey. I’m Felix Harder, certified nutritionist, fitness coach and creator of this website.
I help people lose weight, build muscle and generally look and feel better. So if that’s what you want, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years I have specialized in meal planning for fat loss and muscle growth, which is why many of the articles on this blog are related to these topics.  

Where Should You Start?

Fitness comes down to three main aspects: Your diet, your training and your mindset. Below you can find the most important articles about each of these topics. If you are a beginner I recommend you read all of them. This will already put you ahead of 95% of beginners out there.

1. Setting Up The Ideal Fitness Diet

The right diet is everything. It’s not just extremely important for building muscle and losing fat, but also a big determinant of your long-term health. Many fitness gurus make dieting and meal planning seem like rocket science when it is actually pretty straightforward. All you need is a basic understanding of fitness nutrition and my 5-step action plan for setting up your meal plan. Successful meal planning comes down to a few key aspects, which I explain in this post:
It will take you through the 5 aspects of great meal plans, which are (in order of their importance):


I have also recorded a free video course that takes you through each of the 5 steps. Just enter your email below and I will send it right over. 

2. Finding The Right Workout

When thinking about starting a bodybuilding program, the first thing you will notice is the amount of information out there. The internet is filled with advice for beginners – good and bad.
Where just ten years ago you would have to dig deep to find some valuable tips, it seems that nowadays you get flooded with new information and workouts that promise to make you gain muscle and lose fat faster than all the other workouts and diets before them.
With all this free advice, it’s easy to get lost as a beginner!
To give you a short but concise introduction into the world of muscle building workouts, read this article:
Once you have understood what kind of environment you need to create for muscle growth, you should have a look at this workout:
At that point it’s really only adherence and small adjustments along the way. These articles will help you with that:

3. Developing The Right Mindset

The mental aspect of fitness is as important if not more important than your diet and workout. The problem is that for our diet and training we have clear rules to follow like consuming the right amount of calories or lifting progressively heavier weights. These rules apply to everyone around the world.
With motivation it’s a little different. Different people are motivated by different things and we don’t have the one strategy that works for
everyone. This often demotivates beginners, because they may think others have discovered a secret that is beyond their grasp They see all these successful bloggers and fitness models and think to themselves: “I would never be able to keep this up.“
This, of course, is nonsense. Not only does negative self-talk lower your self-esteem, it also sets you up for failure. The good news is that your mindset can be changed and I have seen many people do a complete 180 from unmotivated to extremely motivated within a matter of weeks.
What you need for this is a clear game for your motivation. If you want to succeed at weight loss, you need to plan for motivation lows and difficult times so when they occur you already know what to do. The following articles will help you get started with that.

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