Fat burners are one of the most popular type of supplements on the market today, and just with pre-workout supplements there is an almost endless supply of options. So how do you know which is good and which isn’t? And are they even worth taking in the first place?
What you have to understand is that fat burner themselves don’t burn fat.
To sell you their product, most supplement companies will talk about all kinds of fancy sounding terms like increased fat oxidation, enzymes related fat storage and of course hormones.
The problem is that even though all these aspects are part of fat loss there are really only a few ways to actually speed it up, given of course you are already in a calorie deficit. Without this no fat burner in the world will help you.

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Here is what fat burner supplement can theoretically achieve:
1. They can speed up your metabolism
2. They can lower the chance of hunger and cravings ruining your plans
3. They can make the overall experience of dieting more enjoyable
Most fat burners will focus on number one. In this regard, there are only a few ingredients that actually achieve an increase in basal metabolic rate.
So make sure that your fat burner has those if you really want to buy one.
What ingredients am I talking about?
First caffeine. Caffeine will help you by slightly increasing your metabolism while also giving you more strength during your workouts.
Second, synephrine, which is a chemical compound found in certain types of citrus fruits. Research shows that synephrine also increases your metabolism and works well when combined with caffeine. 
Third is Green Tea Extract which has been shown to slightly accelerate exercise-induced fat loss and last on the list are Naringenin & Hesperidin, which are molecules found in grapefruits, oranges, and the skin of tomatoes that can improve blood flow.
These are the ingredients an effective fat burner should have to be worth your money.
However, let me now tell you why I still don’t supplement with fat burners even when I’m trying to lose fat, for example after a bulking phase
Even if a certain fat burning supplement is decently formulated, and not under or overdosed which is another common problem, the effects you will see are still going to be small in the overall picture.
Most of your fat loss results will always come down to a proper calorie deficit and effective exercise. For beginners it’s a lot more important to understand how to come up with the right diet and stick to it than how to choose the right fat burner.
Don’t be the guy or girl that eats tons of food and tells everyone: „It’s Ok, I’m taking my fat burner every day.“ 

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