Multivitamins are probably the most common supplement for health out there and you can get most of them for cheap at any local supermarket.
Now even though the idea of multivitamins is good – having all your daily requirements in one pill – their execution is usually not optimal and why I don’t recommend taking them. Here is why:

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First of all the ingredients in multivitamins are almost always either under or overdosed. Vitamin D, for example, is usually included in too small of a dose to make a difference, while other micronutrients that you already get enough of through a normal diet are overdosed, like in the case of selenium.
In fact, many of the ingredients in a multivitamin aren’t even necessary to supplement and are just included to make the customer think they are getting more for less. A more healthy and effective approach to supplementation is to build your own stack of supplements that you take every day and can adjust based on your needs.
So how do you do this?
First, you start off by setting health goals and identifying possible deficiencies. For example, you might often feel tired and weak even though you sleep enough (and not too much either). In this case, your health goal would be more energy and general resistance.
I always recommend you talk to your doctor first about your symptoms and let him do a blood test to actually measure for possible deficiencies. If one exists, he will then recommend you certain supplements to make sure everything goes back to normal again.
A less accurate but still possible strategy is to simply start supplementing the most common supplements recommended for a certain health goal. Here you do not want to start taking all the supplements at once but instead, take one for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference.
If so keep it in your stack and then try the next. This process takes time of course but it will help you perfect a diet and supplement stack that is perfect for you and your health needs.

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