No matter what fat loss diet you follow, I think it’s important you know what body fat actually is. This might sound trivial, but to get the body you have to understand how your body works.
So what is fat anyway?
In its most basic form body fat is stored energy. The human body can store excess energy in two major forms: fat and muscle. Of the two, fat is both more easily stored and more efficient to use. This is why our body prefers it to muscle.
But, why exactly does this happen and why do our bodies even store fat in the first place?
Keep in mind that all your body cares about is survival. Back when humans had no continuous access to food, the risk of starvation was a big part of life. Going days of weeks without food was normal so our bodies had to adapt and find a way to keep the system running even without a constant supply of energy.
That’s why to your body, fat is a good thing. It allows you to store excess energy in the form of calories for later use when you have less or no food available. In this sense fat is a storage container to hold backup food.
Our body learned to store and use fat hundreds of thousands of years ago and since then a lot of things have changed. First of all, most of us no longer face the danger of starvation. This is a good thing of course.
But our bodies have not yet adapted to this abundance of food and still want to change every little bit of extra energy in your fat cells. This is because even if you know you will have food in your fridge for the next week, your body doesn’t know this and wants to maximize your chances for survival since that’s all that matter to it.
Obviously, you don’t like this and want your body to start burning fat and build muscle instead. So the question then is: how do you do this?
The answer to this question is actually very simple. Just like the environment of our ancestors forced our bodies to adapt and learn to store body fat, we will have to create an environment that forces our body to lose weight and gain muscle.
How to correctly create this environment is what my courses are all about and what I teach on my blog. 

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