Like “fat loss foods” the term “muscle building foods” or “foods for muscle growth” is misleading. There aren’t any individual foods that will make your body grow muscle like it’s magic. Muscle growth is achieved through resistance training and by progressively lifting heavier weight loads.
Assuming you already do this, what you can do is set up a diet that provides your body with the necessary building blocks to grow new muscle tissue. Because even if you lifted enough weight, but didn’t supply your body with the necessary nutrients you would still see little to no results.

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What Does A Muscle Growth Diet Look Like?

The right fitness diet comes down to a few critical components. You can cover all of them if you follow this simple 3-step formula:
1. You calculate your optimal calorie intake. I explain how to do this here.
2. You calculate your optimal macronutrients intakes. I explain how to do this here.
3. You choose healthy foods that you like to fill those macronutrients. See below.

The Right Foods For Muscle Growth

To cover your daily carb, protein and fat intake you want to eat mostly quality foods that also provide you with a bunch of vitamins and minerals. Here is a list to get you started:
(Brown) Rice
Whole Grain Pastas / Breads / Cereals
(Sweet) Potatoes
All Vegetables
All Fruits
Chicken Breast
Lean Meat
Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Halibut)
Olive Oil
Nuts/Nut Butter
Coconuts and Coconut Oil

I Can’t Gain Weight – What Do I Do?

A common problem among beginners, especially if they are skinny, is that they can’t seem to gain any weight. They follow a good workout program, but somehow don’t seem to be putting on any muscle.
The main reason for this is usually undereating. They simply don’t provide the body with enough calories so it doesn’t have the energy needed to create new tissue.
If you have this problem, go with more calorie dense foods, especially dietary fats. Healthy options include olive oil or avocados. A tablespoon of olive oil has around 120 calories, and a few of those per day will definitely drive up your calorie intake.  If you want to learn more about how to gain weight as a skinny guy check out this post.

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