We live in a world of constant distractions. At any time, there are countless things to do and we are constantly bombarded with information and stimuli to get us to act. Buy this, eat that, go there.
Advertising always keeps us wanting more and of course, food companies know how to create ads that show delicious and tasty foods.
Studies have shown that many people feel very stressed because of this constant information overload and which it is so important you take regular breaks from it all. Unfortunately, our crazy modern routine also makes us forget one vital aspect of motivation.
Your Personal „Why“
Discovering your personal “why” is the easiest way to long-term motivation. Many people lead their lives by focusing on what they have to do. With all the deadlines and new work, however, they feel like they are never getting ahead.
Basically, It can feel like you are sprinting on a treadmill just trying to keep up, and every time you completed one task, it is quickly replaced by another. Obviously, this also hurts your motivation not just for fat loss but for anything productive in life.
Fortunately, everything gets a lot simpler when you stop to ask yourselves why you do things.
Why do you even want to lose weight?
This is not some abstract question that you need to ponder for a lifetime. Basically, it’s just something that you decide for yourself and can adapt at any time.
Many people will answer something along the lines of losing weight will make you look better or be healthier or to increase your athletic performance. these are all very good reason but maybe you should dig a little deeper.
Why do you even want to look better or be healthier?
Probably because it improves your quality of life and makes sure you do your best to live a long and productive life. Basically, you want to become a better person.
Finding your “why” and writing it down will really help set clear goals later in the course. Of course, your personal reason doesn’t have to be like in the example.
The answers are going to be different for every single person. What matters is that it matters to you. It’s very hard to improve yourself if you haven’t defined what improvement actually looks like for you personally.

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