Finding the right foods for a quick energy boost can be a tricky topic.
Because in theory, all foods provide calories and therefore energy. This would mean that high-calorie foods like a cheeseburger or other junk foods should be best for energy, but obviously, this is not the case if you are also concerned about long-term health.
So what foods are healthy and will provide you an energy boost?
Here is a quick list of the best options:

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1. All Quality Carbohydrates

Even though carbohydrates aren’t vital to your survival they are the body’s preferred energy source. When you consume carbohydrates they are quickly turned into blood glucose and provide immediate energy.
They will then be converted to glycogen for later use (or to fat if you consume more calories than you expend). Our brain also almost completely relies on glucose for energy.
Carbs become especially important the more intense your exercise. Obviously, during physical activity, your energy needs increase. While fats provide 80 to 90 percent of your energy during normal daily activities, carbs take over when you do start doing moderate- or high-intensity exercise.
When consuming carbs, make sure to focus on unprocessed or minimally processed sources like potatoes, rice and whole grains. These will more nutritious and also be high in fiber, which is important for digestion.

2. Fruits

While fruits are also carbs, they are even more quickly digested than the carbs I mentioned before. So if you need a quick boost of energy go with an apple or a pear to get you going.
The high abundance of vitamins and minerals will also benefit your health and is why fruits are ay better for quick energy than processed sources of simple carbs like chocolate.

3. Coffee & Tea

These two options won’t surprise you. We all know that caffeine can provide a quick energy boost to get you through the workday.
If you prefer a steady supply of caffeine try tea rather than coffee, which the body takes longer to break down. You can also use caffeine sources before your workout, which will increase your performance quite a bit.
Make sure to no overdo this as your body gets used to caffeine and will require larger and larger doses.

4. Anything You Are Deficient In

A lack of energy is often due to a nutrient deficiency, which is why my last tip is to do a blood test if you believe this is the case. Many people that live in colder parts of the world are deficient in vitamin d for example.
Among athletes, common deficiencies include vitamin c, iron and magnesium, which can all be treated with simple adjustments to your diet or by taking supplements.
Vegans and vegetarians are prone to lack calcium and vitamin b 12 so if any of this applies to you, make sure you check for deficiencies. Bringing your nutrient levels to normal will give you a huge energy boost and will definitely improve your quality of life.

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