Today I want to share a few of the many benefits of weight loss. Just reminding yourself of just how great of a health and energy boost weight loss can be is already motivating. Maybe some of them will even land on your “why” list of important reasons for your individual weight loss game plan.

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1. More Balanced Hormone Levels

Hormones play a huge role in pretty much all our bodily functions. Metabolism, energy levels, sex drive and so many others. Excessive amounts of Fat tissue can disturb your hormonal balance and decrease testosterone production.
This, in turn, will affect muscle building capabilities and overall energy levels. Bringing your weight to normal levels or even building muscle will also stabilize your hormonal balance and make it easier to maintain or even further your weight loss.

2. Improved Sleep

Studies have shown that losing just a few pounds of excess body weight can help you sleep longer throughout the night.
Not only that, but exercise will further increase this positive effect and will make you sleep better than ever. On top of that, getting rid of excess fat can also help alleviate sleep apnea and snoring.

3. Better Mood

A healthy weight will also show in your mood. Exercising and healthy dieting releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. They are responsible for that high you feel after your workout.
When mood interacts with brain receptors, they reduce possible feelings of pain and will generally lighten your mood. 

4. Reduced Joint Pain

Excess weight literally weights down on your joints and ligaments. This can really become a problem in your forties and fifties.
People with arthritis will suffer even more so make sure to monitor your weight very carefully if you are at risk of arthritis. Remember, the less you weigh the less weight your bones and joints have to support, which will reduce joint pain.

5. Increased Immunity

Nothing improves your immune system like a healthy weight and lifestyle. I remember that before I watched my diet and especially my vitamins, that I would get sick every other month.
Obviously, this hurt my productivity and motivation. Once I started exercising regularly and eating more healthily, things automatically improved and nowadays I almost never get sick anymore.

6. Junk Food Becomes Less Appealing

Everyone likes some junk food here and there. But once you have gone through the struggle of losing weight and maybe building muscle you will want to maintain your results and probably change your overall approach to dieting and exercise.
You will WANT to lead an active lifestyle and will want to eat quality foods. Therefore junk food will become less appealing and your cravings will be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated.

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