The truth is that even with the best possible game plan and the most detailed checklists we will all face times where our motivation seems to be at all time low and we simply want to give up.
The good thing is that we can plan for these motivation-lows and prepare ourselves to make sure we know exactly what to do when this happens.
A big part of all this is to create accountability to stick to a major goal. It’s not enough to make a personal commitment. Not only do you need an action plan but also a support network that will help you when you are faced with an obstacle. This applies to any goal in life, not just weight loss.
That’s why athletes have a coach, to make sure there is someone who will get them going again when they are slacking and motivate them when they have hit a major milestone.
Now, not everyone will have the money to hire a coach and that’s fine. The are two other ways that have worked for me and that will most likely work for you, too.
The first is declaring your goals publicly. This can be done on social media or to a group of friends. Basically, when you declare your goals to them you are not only accountable to yourself but also to others. This can be a very strong motivator because we naturally don’t want to let others down and will work hard to prove to them that we can reach our goals.
If you are still looking for the right group check out my private facebook group, the link can be found in the resources section of this course.
Another technique is choosing a friend to be your accountability partner with whom you share your goals, progress and challenges. This will work even better if he or she is also working on something. You two can then motivate each other and progress fast.
But make sure that the person you are choosing is highly motivated! If your accountability partner tends to slack off your bad habits will likely be reinforced and not overcome.  
What you can also do is make a bet with each other where you put money or some other reward into a pot and the one who makes the most progress wins. This will drive competition, but as long as it’s friendly competition there is nothing wrong with this approach.

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