5 Most Important Aspects Healthy Eating – The True Nutrition Pyramid

If you haven’t before, read this post. Trust me, otherwise you will get confused.
Using the principles from my last post, so calorie balance, food composition, macronutrient amounts, meal timing and supplements we can build a pyramid to visualize their impact on your health. Now, I’m sure you are
Now, I’m sure you are already familiar with the concept of nutrition pyramids or diet pyramids. Usually, they tell you which foods to focus on and which to limit. This is not such a pyramid. Even though we will look into specific foods later in the course, at this point it’s more about the underlying principles.
Believe it or not, there is one factor which is even more important than what you eat when it comes to your health, so let’s have a look at the true health pyramid:
5 most important aspects of healthy eating
As you can see a calorie balance is at the very bottom. What this means is that any diet that is designed for health purposes has to include the right calorie balance.
In fact, your calorie balance is the most important variable in your diet and the base of the pyramid, which holds up the entire structure. Ignoring this aspect would be fatal, because you can become overweight by only healthy foods. I will talk about the principle of a right
I will talk about the principle of a right calorie deficit in another post in more detail, but for now just keep in mind that this is the most important aspect of your diet and the base of the pyramid. Without it, everything will collapse like a house of cards.
The next important principle is your food composition. Like I said before, food composition deals with what kind of food is actually being consumed, unlike calorie balance, which tells us only how much food is being consumed but not what kind of food it is. So remember, food composition is what you eat and how it affects your health.
Next up the pyramid and third in importance are macronutrient amounts, so how much protein, fat and carbs you consume. The reason they are important is because In order to ensure optimal health you need a minimum intake of proteins and fats.
So even if your daily calories are optimal and they come from healthy sources, not enough protein and fat intake can be a big problem.
At this point, we are already pretty high up the pyramid. This means that anything that comes after the first three factors of calorie balance, food composition and macronutrients amounts will only have a minor impact on your diet success.
Of course, this doesn’t mean you should neglect the following factors, but make sure you have the first three in place before moving on.
Also, if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to follow a diet that is a simple and straight forward as possible then make sure you focus on the first two or first three aspects. These alone will acount for 85% to 90% of dieting success and are enough to get you great results.
One reason why many people give up their diet goals is becuase they overcomplicate things which leads to confusion. You dont have to follow a perfect diet to see imprivements in health as long as you stick to the lower parts of the  pyramid.
But what if you want to perfect you diet and want 100%? hen you can also consider the las ttwo aspects of the weight loss pyramid, which are meal frequency and meal timing and supplements.
Then you can also consider the last two aspects of the weight loss pyramid, which are meal frequency and meal timing and supplements.
Meal frequency and meal timing basically state how often and at what time of day you eat and supplements refer to anything that is not considered a normal or natural food. I go over them in more detail in this post but like I said before they aren’t nearly as important as many fitness gurus make them out to be. Most of the supplements out there are pure hype and only a handful will acutally help you in the long run. 

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